SW highest occupancy rates in summer 2020 than any other area

From the Office for National Statistics:

The South West of England saw the highest rates of occupancy, in accommodation businesses that were open, in 2020

In the South West of England, occupancy increased from 19% in April 2020 to 72% in August. No other English region exceeded 58% occupancy after March 2020, indicating that this region experienced closer to a “normal” summer season than any other in 2020, and is likely to have been the result of a relative increase in domestic tourism.

Among all English regions, there was a notable decrease of around 10 percentage points in the regions where tiered restrictions were put in place in October, with all decreasing further in response to the English lockdown in November. In the South West, room occupancy fell by 37 percentage points between September and November 2020. In the same months of 2019, the decline was 11 percentage points.

Turnover in travel and tourism businesses fell to its lowest level in 2020 in May, at just 26.0% of February levels, compared with 73.6% in all other industries. Accommodation and travel agency businesses saw the sharpest decline in turnover during the first national lockdown, falling to 9.3% of their February levels in May.

In every sub-industry except exhibitions and conferences, there was a response to relaxing restrictions in the summer, with the turnover in food and beverage serving industries peaking at 90.0% of February levels in August.

Full report and figures from the ONS here.

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