Supporting the Hygiene Bank in Bude and others

Kirsty Luxton has set up a fundraiser to create a Hygiene Bank in Bude. Bude & Beyond feels this good cause needs more attention, so, as part of our community focus, we have given The Hygiene Bank a free rotating ad, along with recently added Noah’s Place. Hopefully, given our readership numbers, this will help raise awareness of both charitable groups. We are continuing to provide free rotating ads for Animal-Free Bude, Bude Sea Pool and The Pantry.

Here’s what Kirsty says about the Hygiene Bank:

Over 14 million people in the UK live in poverty. Two‐thirds of children growing up in poverty live in a family where at least one person works, but they just don’t earn enough to afford a decent standard of living.

That people today should have to make the choice between eating and being clean is unacceptable. Hygiene poverty is isolating, shaming and excluding. When we are clean and feeling good in ourselves not only do we ‘fit in’ better, we have a greater chance of becoming employed. Not having access to such basic essentials has a major impact on the mental health of individuals.

Though period poverty in children is being addressed by the government, this does not help the women who are dealing with this every day. Through donating to this page you are helping us to establish the second Hygiene Bank in the County – something that we feel will really make a difference to those affected by hygiene poverty.

Galvanised by the belief that being clean is not a luxury or a privilege, The Hygiene Bank is a registered, people-powered, grassroots charity grounded in community. We collect and re-distribute donated toiletries, hygiene, beauty and personal care items to UK charities, voluntary organisations and schools.

These, in turn, are then given for free to their beneficiaries. Our passion stems from a sense of injustice: it’s not right that anyone should face hygiene poverty in modern Britain.

The group’s Facebook page is here.

They have drop-off points at The Gregson Centre, Budehaven Day Nursery, and Bude Primary Academy – at both the Infant and Junior sites. If you pick anything extra up at the shops they would be very grateful for donations.

I suspect we all have toiletries we have been given as gifts which we will never get round to using. What a great idea to donate them. Hopefully, more drop off points will be developed soon.


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