Summerleaze off limits

From Zuma Jay:

A big warning today folks – Summerleaze is temporarily closed due to sand erosion. It may not be available all weekend so stay clear of the beach until it’s safe. anyway, as you can see, it’s not the best place to be right now…

Over 10ft today and we have more strong onshore winds churning up the ocean

Stay clear from the beaches again today and stay safe!!

High Tide (am): 06:58 (8.3m)
Low Tide (am): 00:57
High Tide (pm): 19:25 (8.1m)
Low Tide (pm): 13:26

For our full daily report and 7 day forecast head to:

There is something of a large drop at Summerleaze as often happens. Saw a dog scamper down it earlier while its owner looked slightly bewildered about how to get down.

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