Summer Holiday Entertainment Costs Parents

Bude - Summerleaze Beach

Well, anyone with children knows it to be the case but now research says the average family will spend £2,102.16 per child on summer holiday entertainment during their youngsters’ school years (and that doesn’t include holidays). At least good weather and beach in Bude, plus all the voluntary clubs and activities, makes for slightly cheaper outings but elsewhere parents are not so lucky.

According to a poll of 1,000 British mums, over 56% of families find the summer holidays an expensive time with the average parent having to fund at least two activities or trips per week for their children (before additional costs such as uniforms and holidays are accounted for).

More than half of those surveyed were forced to take extra measures in order to survive the summer spending spree. The top three most common coping mechanisms were working extra hours (30%), using an overdraft facility (16%) and borrowing money from a family member (10%).
The research was carried out as part of the Mums’ SOS (Summer of Stress) campaign for the drink brand Royal Crown Cola.


Ally Whitehead, Brand Manager for RC Cola, said: “There’s no doubt that the summer holidays present a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your family. However, with so much time to fill, there is a certain pressure on parents to keep the children entertained and this can pull at the purse strings during what is already an expensive time for families. “There’s also a lot time invested in keeping children entertained with parents having to find, on average, an additional nine hours each week just to plan and organise the summer fun – whilst also managing their daily routines. “With this in mind, we have decided to launch a new campaign, Mums’ SOS, to give something back to mums up and down the country. Over the summer, we will be organising free activities, prize giveaways and lots of top tips for all the hardworking mums out there and we urge anyone wanting to benefit from this to stay tuned to our Facebook page!”
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