Summer driving around Bude

Deep breath, and smile!

It’s summer and the local roads are busier than ever. There were even queues for the recycling centre on the A39 the other day.

On the whole, the answer is to stay calm and chilled and simply drive slowly, according to the conditions. It’s pointless trying to overtake huge farm vehicles for example on narrow, winding roads.

Please allow extra time for your journeys, especially if you are passing through known bottlenecks like Kilkhampton, which came to a brief halt yesterday as a lorry, and a convoy of three large camper vans followed by two cars towing large caravans tried to get through past the parked cars. Remember, people are lugging around vehicles that probably sit still for most of the year, so bear this in mind when contemplating spatial awareness issues.

Single track roads are also more of a joy than usual (though fortunately the potholes are not rain filled) as many people seem to dislike using passing places and seem unaware of reverse gear. Single track roads can work well if people use passing places sensibly.

In car parks, where spaces are at a premium for this brief period, an appeal to people not to block the space next to them by leaving their car doors wide open while they get dressed/changed, etc. Please think about how and where you park on roads, too, so that emergency services can get through. Any other thoughts, please add your comments …

Cars at Summerleaze #Bude in high summer


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