Summer dog restriction at Westward Ho!

From the 1st of May to the 30th of September Torridge District Council will be introducing a restriction for Dogs on Westward Ho! beach and promenade. The restrictions relate to the Public Spaces Protection Order, which was passed earlier this year following a public consultation, and replaces the previous dog control orders.

Although under a new title the controlled areas are the same as in previous years and will help to create different areas on Westward Ho! beach to ensure that both dog owners and non-dog owners can access and enjoy this popular resort. It will also help the authority to meet the criteria for the Blue Flag in 2018, which it is hoping to achieve for the 15th year in a row.

During the restricted period dogs will be allowed at the north end of the beach between Sandymere Bridge and the Taw/Torridge estuary. At the same time, dogs will be prohibited on the beach to the south of Sandymere Bridge and will need to be kept on a lead on the promenade. The order allows for fixed penalties of £100 to be issued in cases where owners fail to comply with the restriction.

New signage has been designed to clearly identify restricted areas and will be in place for the start of the restriction period.

Councillor Phil Pennington – Lead Member for Community, Culture and Leisure said:

“The dog restrictions at Westward Ho! means that we can provide both dog free and dog-friendly areas on the beach. Not only is this an important part of meeting the criteria to attain a Blue Flag, it means that there is space for everyone to enjoy this fantastic beach and surrounding facilities.”

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