Student strike action for climate change

Many young people across the country participated in a day of strike action today, following a national programme of activities organised by young people who are concerned about environmental damage and the poor response of political leaders across the world. Some Budehaven students took part in action at their school.

In school, some pupils gathered on the basketball court and wrote protest messages in chalk on a wall, made and hung banners on the fence. Several Year 11 pupils wrote passionate articles for the media, telephoned the local MP and spoke eloquently about the reasons for the national protest.

Pupils were supervised by school staff and pastoral staff took paper registers to ensure the accuracy of attendance registers. Lessons in school went on as normal for those who were not involved in the climate change protest. In some subjects, lessons were collapsed to free teachers to help to supervise the protest outside.

Maybe students are teaching adults a few things when it comes to the environment that we have failed so dismally.



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