Struggle going to the barber? Try Just Gentz

Just a quick update on our lovely sponsors, the Just Gentz team, and what they are up to – it’s pretty innovative and inclusive.

The barbers at Just Gentz are trying to do something a little different to help those people who find it hard to function in a normal salon environment.

Sarah has previously worked with people with learning difficulties and mental health problems so she has a good deal of experience in this field. She thought she could put her previous work skills to good use at Just Gentz to try making the haircutting experience as smooth as it can, with as little stress as possible for people who may find a normal hairdressing environment uncomfortable.

The team only take appointments on a Wednesday (as the salon is normally closed) so the clients can have the whole space to themselves and the salon can be adapted to their needs.

They are also planning an open day, a ‘meet and greet’ next month. This means anyone who is thinking this might help them or someone they know can come in and meet Sarah, so she can explain what she does and the client can get used to the salon and her beforehand.

For young children, there are plenty of toys and games to make it into a fun experience.

Busy Salon not an option for you or your child? Do you or someone you know suffer from Autism/Aspergers or any sensory processing disorders?

Meet Sarah who is an excellent barber who has a lot of experience in working with people with learning or other difficulties.

You can have the whole salon to yourselves with none of the stress of a standard salon.
One to one appointments available on Wednesdays only.

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