Stratton MIU update

Apologies for the lateness of this report. I was away last week with very limited internet but have been catching up on the good news about Stratton MIU.
It seems that at the Community Panel Meeting last week, those present were told that the Health Service is still in the process of recruiting MIU nurses for Stratton and other areas across Cornwall.
However, the creation of a ‘Community Treatment Centre’ (‘the first in the country’) which combines a variety of services is planned, including a 24/7 hospital service that will be an ‘enhancement’, something they hope might become model for other hospitals in Cornwall. Thus, Bude will be a ‘trail-blazer’.
Resumption of services will begin in August, and the trial will last for 12 months – evidence of use and need will be gathered, but the attitude was very positive from health providers, who acknowledge public support for the hospital and the petition/testimonials presented to them by Lorraine Corrigan.
Health Chiefs believe this solution addresses need and makes the hospital economically viable.
There was also talk of the possibility of North Devon Hospital potentially making use of Stratton, so the whole tenor of the meeting was one where Stratton emerges in a much stronger position as a well-staffed local hospital.
The hospital should transfer overnight into operation by 111 staff, and supporting agencies, enabling people to access the service as a walk-in, or via 111.
They promised to publicise the service and maintain strong links with the local community.
So, positive first steps for Bude & Stratton. If anyone wants to add to this, please do, but thanks to Steve Haynes for his notes on this issue.

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