Stratton MIU – hopefully, good news for now

There have long been concerns about hospital services in Bude/Stratton, especially regarding overnight service provision, with Stratton MIU previously offering a reduced service amidst limited public consultation.

Recently, Bude/Stratton’s Cornwall Councillors (Peter La Broy, Nicky Chopak and Shorne Tilbey, along with the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Community Area Network) have provided some information about the recent informal stakeholder meeting they attended to discuss overnight service provision at Stratton MIU.

The following information was announced at the Bude-Stratton Town Council meeting by Cllr La Broy.

Although there are some concerns over the long term sustainability, it was confirmed there are no plans to change the service in the immediate future and there will be a full public consultation if any changes are proposed.

No closure dates have been proposed and the service will continue to be provided as is for the foreseeable future.

Councillors were given an assurance that no knee jerk reactions would be made, and that providers recognise the distances local people must travel to access healthcare; they are at last are putting value on the principle of fair access to all for healthcare services.

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