Stratton Minor Injuries Unit to close at night ‘temporarily’

The website Cornish Stuff tells us that Stratton Minor Injuries Unit will ‘temporarily’ close at night starting on 7th December. The Unit will open from 8am – 10pm largely due to a shortage of nurses. The Trust believes that, having reviewed user rates, the impact will be minimal.

The Cornwall HNS Trust website says:

The hospital’s minor injury unit is run by highly skilled nurses who are available to treat a range of minor conditions. If you are unsure whether your injury can be treated here, NHS 111 is available to provide further advice. The unit is also able to treat minor illnesses.

We’ve had a number of comments on our Facebook page.

Chris says:

1st how long is temporarily? If it’s a day, a week even a month, well still risky but ok. 2nd why is it to close even for a short while? And then over both these questions is the fact that this hospital is crucial to everyone that lives around here. Lives COULD be at risk or changed for forever. I didn’t live here when my Husband was taken extremely and suddenly ill at midnight one night. Thankfully, there were 2 city hospitals no more than 12 miles away. If the ambulance had had to travel 40 miles to the nearest hospital I know the outcome would have been very different. The medical services we have received here have been fantastic please, please, don’t close our Hospital.

Christina adds:

This is awful. My son has asthma which is often worse at night, we have been to Stratton for a nebuliser several times over the years and they have saved him from having major attacks. Now this would mean a 35 mile trip to Barnstaple. God knows how bad he’d be by then. It’s shocking news.

The Mayor for Bude & Stratton, Bob Willingham, said he was “disgusted” by the news.

Many are suggesting that decisions like this should focus on patient care, not cost, and a number are asking how temporary is temporary? Is winter a great time to cut hours? The cynics among us feel this may be the start of a decline in medical services in the area.

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  • Kath Brabbins says:

    The last time the MIU was ‘temporarily closed some years back, my then young daughter had a severe allergic reaction. I was redirected to Launceston which was about to close for the night too. Had they not been open, the next stop would be Derriford. .
    It was probably the most terrifying drive of my life.

  • Steve Haynes says:

    This is very worrying. I remember when Devon closed Holsworthy Hospital and used exactly the same ‘safety’ excuse and suggested it was ‘temporary’. What followed was a huge and year long campaign before they were forced to retreat, and all along it was clear that their real agenda was complete and permanent shut down. This news has come when it appeared we had secured Stratton, but it proves that was just one battle in a war to save our local NHS services. If we don’t stand up and make a noise, this will be the first step shutting Stratton down.

  • In January, when a group of us went to Truro to demonstrate our concern about proposed changes to the NHS in Cornwall, (including the threatened closure of MIUs) we were told by a doctor from the CCG that Stratton was unlikely to be one of the MIUs set to close as it was open for 24 hours. At a later meeting,we were also told that there may be an MIU “service” rather than a unit to serve Bude, though what this comprised was not made clear.
    This “temporary” nighttime closure is therefore a worrying development. In other parts of Cornwall, “temporary” has become “permanent””. Of course there will be a lower percent use of the MIU at night time – but each person who does visit will have 100% need to do so,if only to allay fears. Bude is an hour’s drive from any A&E department – a much longer journey on any public transport that exists – and extremely expensive by taxi. Far from running services down in Stratton, Cornwall health services should be upgrading it to a fourth Cornwall Urgent Treatment Centre.

  • Tim freeman says:

    Sadly despite PMs assertion that Austerity was over it patently is not.
    The NHS is short of over 100,000 doctors, nurses & other staff.
    Austerity was always a ruse to “shrink the state “ and this closure is just one small example.
    Be warned the NHS as we all know it is under threat.

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