Strange times.  Atlantic Rise and COVID-19

Particular concern re Covid-19 affects Bude’s older residence. Here is one view of these very strange times indeed. Feel free to send your thoughts on any subject.

Written by John Gimson.  These are my personal views, and are not to be regarded as representing all residents:

It is over 5 years since the first wave of residents moved into Atlantic Rise, a few months later than was planned due to delays with the building.  An interesting mix of people, most of them ‘singletons’, a mix of locals and from further afield.  Many were down-sizing which created an additional challenge when moving into a modern one or two-bedroomed apartment, often from a larger, rambling old(er) house with furniture and furnishings of the same vintage.

There’s a lot of good things to say about living at Atlantic Rise – something once described as having ‘a strong community dynamic’, whatever that means. We have a good-sized communal lounge, a regular weekly coffee morning, and fortnightly afternoon tea and a fair number of social gatherings when there’s something to celebrate.  Much confusion this year when Burns’ Night and Chinese New Year coincided.

By and large, we get on well, socialising to the extent desired as well as having the benefit of our own front doors to retreat behind.  Another plus point where there is a group of oldies is the accumulated experience – well over 2250 years – of life, families, work, homeownership, etc., within the UK and overseas.  It is a rich pool of knowledge, combined with considerable capability at coping in difficult circumstances

Covid-19, however, is unsettling and somewhat scary, with so many unknown factors.  Self-isolation and social distancing take on a new meaning, although the majority of AR residents have had much experience of living on their own.  It’s a hackneyed phrase but we often cite ‘AR caring and sharing’ – and this is a localised approach along similar lines to the way Bude is organising support via a new Facebook group, the Bude Post Office, and lots of other voluntary offers of help.  In AR, the more active residents are helping with shopping; and others have offered to add extras to online deliveries (whether Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Sainsbury’s) and the Bude ReFILL Shop orders.

Obviously we have no choice but to follow the advice and guidance, particularly as we have most residents who fall within the ‘vulnerable’ category.  That said, in many respects we are far better off than many, feeling somewhat privileged and lucky to live here, recognising that if we hadn’t moved to Atlantic Rise, life would be harder.

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