Storm Tower Light Up

By Mr #BigUpBude, Trev Plant:

Last night (Saturday) I was invited to take a live video of the Storm Tower being lit up to add to my 87 consecutive videos I’ve done over Lockdown 3 for which I’ve attracted quite a following.

Photos: Trev Plant

On the walk up,  I was told that the target had been reached and a donation of £10K was made by Brooke Mackay who had helped me get through this last lockdown and previously had given generously to Lightupbude, in which I was involved. Also a very generous donation from the Colwill family at Wooda.  Here is the Crowdfunder link where contributions are still very welcome.
I turned up about an hour before dark and chatted to various other lucky people including the two guys who were lighting it up from LDLS Liam and Tom. There were several photographers, along with Bob Willingham. Dawn Robinson and her daughter, Rosie, along with members of the council, including Peter La Broy who has worked so hard to get this going, were also at the light up.


Liam Drewery

 It was nice for me to finally put names to faces as I’ve shared their posts but never actually met some of them in person.
So as we waited for darkness, it just got colder and colder, brrr.
Finally it was time to start the live video which I’d previously advertised on my daily videos but I didn’t actually say where I’d be. As I started the live video I got 50 people watching instantly from all over the UK and it can now be seen on my business page.
I’d like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Francesca for the invite. I was absolutely blown away by it. Sadly, it was only able to be lit up for an hour, but what a thrill to see.

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