Stop the #waveofwaste with help from Zuma Jay

A big shout out to the great guys at Zuma Jay who are working hard to combat the summer rise in cheap, nasty, breakable bodyboards that pollute our beaches and then end up in landfill.

Not only are they offering unsnappable boards to buy or hire but they are also acting as a collection point for the other kind. Great work.

Photos from their social media.

On their Facebook page they say:

It’s the height of bodyboard season here in Cornwall, and as always the most important time to be aware of the polystyrene epidemic! You could be fooled into spending up to £40 for a polystyrene bodyboard on the high street that wouldn’t last one hit against the power of a strong wave, or you could spend £10 more and get one that will last you a lifetime. Our body boards at Zuma Jay all have a polyethylene core, making them unsnappable!

Only down on holiday for the week but don’t want to shell out? We hire out all of our premium boards for just £20 for an entire week, and we’ll even take the cost of the hire off the full price of a board if you decide at the end of the week that you’d like your own to keep, win!

Finally and most importantly, if you see any nasty polystyrene snappers we will be working with BeachCare as a collection point so you can drop off any disposed polystyrene boards you find and they will collect them from us to recycle ♻️

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