Stagecoach to axe Bude-Exeter service?

I’ve been contacted by a few people to say that Stagecoach is planning to axe our already scarce bus service from May this year. We’re hidden away on page 11/12of their consultation document, where they say that they’re planning to streamline the service by terminating a number of Exeter – Bude buses at Okehampton. Given Central Government is talking of making communities more connected, this is a blow. As someone pointed out, how do people use public transport to attend hospital appointments in Exeter?


The Report says:


Route 6 Exeter • Okehampton • Bude Potential to curtail some journeys at Okehampton. Working with Devon County Council on finalised proposals.

Route 6/6A Bude • Okehampton • Exeter Potential to curtail some journeys at Okehampton. Working with Devon County Council on finalised proposals.

You might want to complain!

How to respond:

Letter: Stagecoach South West, Route Consultation Plan, Matford Park Depot, Matford Park Road, Exeter, EX2 8FD.
Phone: 01392 42 77 11.
Twitter: @stagecoachsw


  • Mrs Peters says:

    We visit Bude regularly each year and as we don’t drive we rely on the bus from Exeter St David’s to Bude, there is a need for more buses not less.

  • Jackie says:

    How can this be allowed to happen? The bus route was provided when Bude lost its rail line! It is vital for students, for non-drivers, for the elderly, in fact for all making connections for hospitals, large shopping cities and of course Exeter St David’s railway station and the National Express and Megabus connections.

  • Karen says:

    This is a ridiculous idea. We need more buses not less or nothing. Think about people who don’t drive, those who rely on buses, those who can’t afford a taxi, visitors to areas who use public transport. Those who need public transport for hospital visits. These people may not have anyone who can drive them to appointments. Very short sighted idea and one that very clearly needs to be reviewed and thought about a lot more seriously than it clearly has been.

  • Rosie says:

    Bude and the surrounding areas are growing and require more infrastructure not less . I agree with Jackie
    We need a United Kingdom not isolated areas . Why make our cities carbon free and continue take away public transport from the areas out side forcing people to use private vehicles and increasing the gap between the haves and have nots,

  • J Palfreyman says:

    Thanks for the info….this sounds disappointing. However your headline comment of axing the service is over dramatic. That implies stopping the sevice and that is not what they say. They use the words potential and some, not all. I read this as a slimmed down service. Not good but not terminal

    • It strikes me that if a number of buses to Exeter stop at Okehampton they are not providing an Exeter service. As people have commented, Exeter is used for health care, education, and the mainline rail link (and airport). Okehamptonas a terminal has none of these things. If you had a hospital appt at say 11 am, it stands a fair old chance you couldn’t get there and back in a day – this I feel is an axe, not a slimming down! But the title was also phrased as a question as in is the service effectively being axed?

    • Also, if it is only potential, some form/level of protest may cause a rethink.

  • Rhys Griffith says:

    Nor everyone has a car. This is a vital way to get about. A more green solution might get be to provide more buses and curb the endless proliferation of the car

  • Margaret Hughes says:

    If this the case it is appalling news if you cannot drive or have a car what will people do when they need RDE or have to go to Exeter for any other reason our MP needs to be on it as Bude will be cut off yet again No trains then no buses dreadful

  • Yvonne cawson says:

    As someone who frequently travels to London this is a stupid idea, we need more not less buses to the major connection points, to get to Heathrow for example it takes three bus/coach trips and a taxi from my house to Bude , around 8 hours in total, less than 5 by car, even a train journey to London starts in Exeter and without a decent connecting service how many hours will be wasted if there are fewer buses.Hospital appointments will be difficult to get to, shopping trips curtailed and basically we will be forced to take cars and taxis ,hopefully someone will see sense and drop this idea.

  • Jackie says:

    Students past school age have to go onto further education or do an apprenticeship. How are they meant to travel? Too young to drive!

  • Sophie says:

    This is a ridiculous idea, my son who isn’t old enough to drive and my 87 Yr old nanna use this bus regularly!! It’s always busy too! Living in a rural area my nanna has no other way to get to the shops, hospital etc if we are not around to give her a lift. I know many students that use this bus for college and uni. In an age where we are all being encouraged to use public transport why on earth are they taking it all away?

  • Disappointed says:

    Travelling from Bude to London takes 9 hours + by Public Transport This is difficult enough if you don’t wish to drive without taking away existing transport
    Surely it must be kept in place to help locals being able to get to hospital appointments shopping and airports
    Where does saving the environment come in this announcement? Not everyone can drive; it’s taking several steps backwards
    Save this Service

  • paul says:

    I can’t see this is going to be happening. This town is coming to a close. Stagecoach just needs to wake up and see the bigger picture as this is going to affect a lot of people, not only for people that need to go to hospitals but to go shopping and other things like train journeys.

    • Deborah Dawe says:

      I regularly use this service to get from Exeter station to Bude when visiting my family. The buses are always well used and convenient to connect with some of the long distance train services.
      How can there be a case for reducing the number of buses at this time when we are being urged to reduce our carbon footprint and Bude is being expanded?

  • Lost and forgotten says:

    I rely on buses due to a health condition. We need more buses to and from Bude; we’ve always been forgotten by the bigwigs in offices that drive their big expensive cars. Get them to come on a bus journey to Bude. Let them see for themselves how cut off we are, not to mention the state of the buses we have here. Most of the time the windows are so dirty we can’t look out and see our beautiful countryside. Advertising your brand new buses for city journeys is rubbing our noses in it…If we had a better and more reliable service here more people would use the buses.

  • Daniella says:

    My eldest son is doing his BTEC at Exeter College and regularly uses the No.6 bus mornings and back late afternoon and evenings. Even when he gets his driver’s license it’s too much of a journey for a new licence holder and with all talk of having a better and more environmentally friendly lifestyle surely this is a terrible mistake and a step backwards! My son also says the seats on the buses are very uncomfortable and he always ends up with a painful back after the 2hour+ journey, so upgrades are due too. But doubt that will happen if they are talking of cutting us off even more. Very sad…

  • This is totally unacceptable. Completely out of line with what the Prime Minister has announced to try and improve public transport in the more isolated areas.

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