Stagecoach: Journeys to be withdrawn carry next to no-one anyway …

Recently, the Town Council wrote to Stagecoach about possible reductions in service to the bus routes 6/6A. Stagecoach’s response has been frankly, disappointing, so you know what to do. Contact the company with your personal stories about why the service matters to you.

The letter informed the company of the Council’s intention to object in the strongest terms possible to any reduction in the No.6 /6A bus service between
Bude and Exeter. As we all know, this route forms a vital health service, economic and social link for our community and visitors alike, but my guess would be that the company wants public funding to maintain them, given the Government has announced aims to keep rural areas connected.

Stagecoach has responded with the letter below, which is now on the Mayor’s Facebook page. The consultation continues until 1st March. Time is running out.


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