St. James’s Flower Festival, Kilkhampton

By Helen Shingler:

I popped along to St. James’s Church in Kilkhampton on Sunday to take a look at their Flower Festival. This year it was set in the churchyard instead of inside the church, possibly due to the Covid situation.  Luckily, the rain held off all weekend and the displays didn’t suffer from any rain downpours.  Cream Teas were on offer during the afternoon. I was there too early to sample such delights, but I am sure they were wonderful!

All the displays showed creativity and were a riot of colour which is always a joy to see in floral displays.  It was good to see the number of entries too, showing the enthusiasm locals have for this annual event which was combined with St. James’s Gift Day on the Saturday.


We lived in the village between 2001-2007 and owned and ran the Cottage Tearooms in Clifton House opposite the church.  When we sold the business, it reverted back to a residential property. We still have a great fondness for the village and church.  I went inside the church and remembered how on Sundays a large number of the congregation would come over to us straight after the Service for their Sunday Roast and we got to know them very well.  Happy memories!

The church is well known for having over 150 original carved bench ends centuries old and has a fascinating history, well worth reading about.

The churchyard is vast and full of local family names which are very recognisable.  I am one of those people who often stop and visit interesting churches whenever I see one and the Parish Church of St. James the Great is definitely worth a visit even if you are just passing through!



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