Spring bulb planting in Bude

A shout out for the lovely, cheery guys who do the garden maintenance in the town. Yes, it’s their job, but they do it with good grace and deserve our thanks.

Today, they were clearing bedding plants and planting bulbs for the spring which we can all look forward to.

One request, please – children, please don’t run on the soil because you might damage the lovely little bulbs which will make the place look beautiful in a few months. And yes, I did check they were ok with me taking their photo for the website while they were working.



  • Keith says:

    It would be very nice if some of the flower beds could be sown with wild flowers seeds so as to make small meadows so as to help the bees/butterflies etc life Put Bude on the map with wild flowers growing in a small town. Maybe a packet of seeds could be donated by a few people to be sown in some areas along the canal and marsh land

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