Special Award for Torridge

Torridge District Council has won the inaugural Best ‘Small Business Friendly Procurement Policy’ award from the Federation of Small Businesses Devon Regional Local Authority Small Business Friendly Awards 2012.

The Council uses an electronic procurement system, with an internal electronic catalogue for many of the products purchased. The process is very swift allowing over 96% of our commercial invoices to be settled within fourteen days of receipt.

Leader of Torridge District Council Barry  Parsons said, ‘It’s important that we do our bit in this tough economic climate for the business community. A small business with cash flow issues can go under, so I’m delighted that we are helping in this way, and that the FSB have given us their support with this award.”

Terry Schofield, Chair of the Torridge FSB said, ‘I’ve been doing business with Torridge for 14 years and I have a great relationship with them. In fact all councils, schools and colleges are excellent and settle their invoices promptly – usually within 10 days.’

And Pete Ashton, Devon Regional Vice Chair of the FSB said, ‘We’re very proud of our relationship with local councils in Devon and are very pleased to have introduced these new awards.’

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