Soup and spread?

On a chilly day, I do enjoy a good hot steaming bowl of homemade soup. By hot, I mean hot. Lukewarm doesn’t cut it.

Went for a soup lunch in Bude recently, ordering soup and bread. When the bread arrived it was spread with … well … spread, reminding me of the days when my Mum used to try to give me margarine. Not even delicious butter.

I didn’t eat it, but then it struck me: do people actually like bread and butter (spread) with soup? Strikes me soup is a dry bread experience.  The soup wasn’t very hot either, so an all-round disappointing experience, but I’m interested to know whether ‘buttered’ bread with soup is a Bude/Cornish thing, or whether the customer should be given butter/spread and left to make their own decision? Or in future, whether I need to request that the bread is left naked. Any advice welcome.



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