Some vulnerable adults in Bude will be without care today

Carers, paid and voluntary, are vital to the society in which we live, as many older and vulnerable people need help to wash, dress, eat and medicate.

However, we’ve been informed that a local care provider supporting people in Bude and surrounding areas is closing down… currently, this has not been verified.

We have also been told that they are unable to do today’s visits. Adult Social Care has been informed; however, as it’s out of hours nothing will be done until Monday.

So, it’s likely there are a number of very vulnerable people who will not be receiving care visits today. It is also possible that families have not been informed.

The people they visit require support to get out of bed, get dressed, prepare food and drinks, take medication etc…

We understand some people may not have had their support yesterday either.

A heads up, that if you have vulnerable relatives or neighbours who receive care visits, please keep an eye out for them/check on them today as they may need you.

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