Solar Panels – No Thanks!

Solar panel farm, Eastcott, off the A39 - not much sun on this pic!

Solar panel farm, Eastcott, off the A39 – not much sun on this pic!

Solar panels? A viewpoint from Sajla Armstrong:


It is so disheartening to see the seas of solar panels destroying our Cornish landscape. Here in Cornwall we seem to be the biggest target in the country… WHY??? Initially the Solar Panels were meant to be for domestic use and we were supposed to save money with solar power… were we not?

I feel for all the people who have been subject of this unsightly intrusion in their dwelling landscapes and I must say beautiful landscapes.

We live in a beautiful spot with breathtaking views…… only to have recently seen survey officers in the fields behind our homes.  The dread of losing our view has set in….. Do we have a say??????

What do we see happening?  A private lane being destroyed by huge vehicles carrying equipment to gain access to the fields next to us and behind us,  if the panels are erected then we face the glare of the sun upon us at certain times on sunny days, there will be no more cows grazing peacefully around us…..  Just the thought of having an array….a sea… of solar sanels right in our back garden fills us with sheer dread.

DO WE AS RESIDENTS LIVING HERE  SO CLOSE TO LOSING OUR BEAUTIFUL VIEWS (we bought this property because of the views)  HAVE A SAY AT ALL??????

Please comment. Thanks.


  • Avatar JohnG says:

    Perhaps a lightweight or trite comment but I couldn’t help notice the irony of a posting headed “Solar panels – No thanks” alongside an advert encouraging people to apply for a quote – for solar panels!!

  • Suspect, John, this is Google doing a trawl and placing Google ads it thinks are fitting. Ironic it may be but as the website is voluntary not monetary, even a few pounds from Google ads would be a bonus!!

  • Avatar ken says:

    Yes we destroy the beauty of our landscape at our peril. When solar and wind farms get to industrial levels we should assess what you are losing in tems of landscape. In the 19th century we had all those dark satanic mills now thankfully gone.