When will we hear the St Michaels bells again?

By Tony Gurd:

So many people have approached our church to ask: “when will we hear the bells again” and we absolutely understand …

The Church bells regulate so many lives in Bude.

Well, we have been working hard. We found some unnerving cracks in the Bell tower (or Bellcote as it is called) which desperately require repair; it was felt that the vibration of the ringing bells might have been contributory to the cracking.

Our church is a Grade II listed building so we have had to follow the letter of the law to seek the necessary permissions to allow us to repair the cracks.
It is a long process, but we are getting there.

As of today, 19/11/2020, we have jumped the final hurdle. The 28 day public notice period has expired with no objections so, we are sending off our request for a Permission Certificate from the Registrar which will enable us to undertake the repair work.

We believe work will start the second week of January 2021 and should take 2 weeks to complete, weather permitting. We will have the clock technician on standby to recommission the bells as soon as possible after the work is completed.

We have searched down the back of every sofa we can find and scraped together almost enough money, but we are going ahead anyway.

We know life is difficult at the moment, but if anyone feels they could make a donation to help us, no matter how small, could you please contact Rupert Brendon at The Falcon Hotel; your help would be truly gratefully received. Rupert is the chairman of the Friends of Bude Haven Parish Church (FoBPC).

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