So, what do they stand for?

I recently received notification of an election in my ward, Hartland & Bradworthy, Torridge. My son tried looking up the candidates and asked who are they and what do they stand for? Good question. I don’t know.  I did the same.

I found this:

BOUGHTON Richard Frederick Conservative

HILL Martin William Liberal Democrat

SANDERS John Edward Green Party

Presumably, we are supposed to know what each candidate stands for and at a national level, we understand the party positions. Locally, however, it’s different. What issues are they supporting? What vision do they have for the area? What are they not happy with so would like to work towards changing?

I remember once standing as a school governor and having to write an address. Elections should not really be about guesswork. To make an informed choice, as my son says, we need information.


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