Slow news weeks … so we are slowing down

At a local level, we have had a number of understandably very slow news weeks, which in itself is good news!

Normally, I trawl for information and have a number of alerts and feeds/press releases coming my way, which means that I ordinarily spend many hours a day checking and chasing up info for Bude & Beyond.

These are now at a trickle.

Sponsorship/advertising is also on hold.

Very few people in the community are engaging in sending in any news/info either, but thanks to those who have.

So while Bude & Beyond is continuing and will eventually get back to normal, I’m going to be putting less effort into it (and the social media) for a while, enjoying what I can of lockdown. I will check news/emails/feeds twice a day only while this situation lasts.

So, if you notice a reduction in articles, it is temporary (just giving myself a bit of a break).

Happy to still publish people’s articles/pictures. You know the drill, submit using the links top right or email but otherwise, I’m joining you in taking some time out.

Keep safe and well.

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