Simon Reeve Cornwall programme impacts Cornish Foodbanks

There was a heartbreakingly tearful moment in Simon Reeve’s Cornwall when talking to Don of the Camborne Foodbank whose wife, Jen, had passed away. There he was  still out there doing his heartfelt work for the community, as he had with his wife previously.

They set up a Crowdfunder which has also been plugged on social media by Dawn French.

I hope a regular Bude visitor, Karen, won’t mind me mentioning her response to the programme. She said”
I donated to Bude food bank after seeing this and just returning from a lovely relaxed week .. third visit this year .. we’ve been so lucky to get there so I wanted to help others a little that are not so fortunate 👍🏼
As some people on social media have said, we are fortunate to have fabulous views, but you can’t eat the view. Hopefully more visitors to Cornwall will see it in their hearts to donate to the local Foodbanks.

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