Should Bude’s Covid marshalls wear masks? asks former councillor

Nigel Pearce former Cornwall councillor for a Bude has written to the Mayor of The Bude and Stratton Town Council asking him to review the town council’s Covid marshals’ policy of mask wearing, as currently the marshals patrol the streets of Bude without wearing face masks or any face coverings.
Bude Councillor, Nigel Pearce, at County Hall

Nigel in his County Hall days

Nigel said: “Sadly the  Covid epidemic is not going away and there is so much not known about the virus and I’m hoping in future the Covid marshalls in Bude town wear face masks or face covering for their safety and everyone’s”
Nigel has sent a letter (below) to The Mayor of Bude-Stratton Town Council and all councillors as well as Rob Nolan the Portfolio holder for Environment and Public Protection at Cornwall Council.
I am writing to you regarding the Bude and Stratton Council Covid street marshals who are not wearing any form of face coverings when walking around the streets of Bude and to ask you to consider changing  the Bude & Stratton Town Council’s policy so that in future they wear a face coverings
Most of the research on face coverings has been indoors and little outdoors but many countries wear mask wearing is the norm have had much fewer deaths than the 60,000 plus in the UK
In the summer, I estimated fewer than 10 % of people were wearing face masks outside in Bude but today its good that the number is much higher at at around 50%, but it is disappointing the Bude & Stratton Town Council  Covid street marshals are not wearing face masks as they do in many other towns and cities in the UK.
Dr David Strain, a clinical academic at the University of Exeter Medical School and many other scientists have stated that we should all be wearing masks outdoors and keeping our distance.
I know it is not the law to wear a face mask outside but during this unprecedented epidemic it would be good practice and the following paragraph is from the government advice pages
Face coverings are instead largely intended to protect others, not the wearer, against the spread of infection because they cover the nose and mouth, which are the main confirmed sources of transmission of virus that causes coronavirus infection (COVID-19).
Although I’m avoiding the Bude town and people as much as possible, when I’m in Bude I often notice people sneezing and coughing who are not wearing face masks and below is an article in the National Geographic from Lydia Bourouiba’s a fluid dynamics scientist at MIT, who has spent the last few years using high-speed cameras and light to reveal how expulsions from the human body can spread pathogens, such as the novel coronavirus.
I hope that the wearing of face masks by the Bude Covid Marshals can be discussed by the Bude and Stratton Town councillors at the earliest possibility at the next town council zoom meeting
Nigel Pearce
Former Cornwall councillor for Bude 2009-2018

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