Locals shocked by fly tipping in hidden drinking spot.

Bude and Beyond has been sent photos which are shocking.
Next to the football club, on the path towards Stratton from town and opposite the Primrose Road entrance to the path lies an area which is ruined by the sight you see below of supermarket trolleys, empty drink bottles and cans and an old sofa. It’s a mess. The area is a memorial spot to a young man, James, who sadly died there. This posting has been controversial but some good has come out of it. Locals who knew James have been in touch. They were going to clear it before lockdown but now plan to make it into a memorial garden area for James as soon as they can.

Image from Google maps

The sender says:
“If you’re going to go out and have a drink, could you at least get rid of your rubbish in proper bins, not drag an old sofa to your spot?”
On the plus side, at least the rubbish is contained making it easier to clear.

Be nice to make it look rather more fittingly beautiful than it does at the moment.

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