Shocking car parking hike proposed by Cornwall Council

People are not going to be terribly thrilled about these proposed car parking hikes for Cornwall Council car parks in Bude. The full details of proposals for the whole of Cornwall may be seen here.

Currently, 1 hour of parking costs 70p at Crescent, Crooklets and Summerleaze car parks in the summer, but this is proposed to rise to a massive £1.40, a rise of 100%. Meanwhile, parking at The Wharf and the Post Office is currently 50p for an hour but the proposal is to raise this to £1.40  – or a crazy 180% hike. Costs at Widemouth Bay would also rise.

This would be seven days a week but tariff points would drop. Currently, all car parks are chargeable to 6 pm but proposed changes are 9 am – 5 pm, with winter parking at Crescent and Summerleaze Beach payable until 4 pm.

The Council is currently carrying out a comprehensive review of parking charges across all of its 133 pay and display car parks, with the aim of having a more simplified charging structure. To be honest, it looks like just another way of hitting workers, tourists, and shoppers.

Throughout Cornwall, as town centres struggle, raising parking prices simply makes them less attractive to visitors, so impacts upon businesses.





  • owen wacker says:

    Cornwall won’t be happy until all the tourists stop coming here.

  • Phil Sutton says:

    How can these rises be justified?Widemouth especialy,as its just scraped sand.Someone should tell the council the storey of the goose that laid the golden eggs.

  • paul Tompsett says:

    To whoever this might concern
    With the increases set as above, and the 3.99 % rise in council tax, how the hell are people supposed to cover the cost ???
    Also wouldn’t it now be prudent to look at the council leaders salary and expenses package currently awarded, normal people have to pay their own way to work they don’t get a Fuel card,also how much of the money raised goes to the pension fund.

  • Zelda petvin says:

    Awhat would really help the town this winter would be free winter parking, like it used to be… We need to encourage people into town not the reverse!!!! Come on Council help us all out, please.

  • eric says:

    Bring back the rover parking ticket. Instead of using the car parks I’ll use the double yellow lines with wife’s disabled badge from now on

    • Phillip Biggs says:

      If you have your wife with you that’s fine Eric, but using it yourself if you’re not disabled would be fraudulent and in breach of the rules. If you want your wife to lose the privilege of a Blue Badge that a good way to go about it.

    • Isla says:

      Which will see you get a parking ticket (unless she is in the car) which is payable to – guess who, the council!

      Why can’t this extra money be used to improve our roads, fed up with having to replace some part of my suspension every year!

  • Karen says:

    I think this is absolutely disgusting. This will put people off coming to Bude and will therefore have a big effect on trade. It’s all about greed and is totally unnecessary. I think a sensible rate for car parking should be considered NOT these rip off prices. On principle I along with I’m sure many others won’t pay it. Get your act together council before it’s too late and we lose all holiday makers and visitors.

  • lyzette Bevan says:

    Appalled at this increase , how about a 100 percent reduction for local people in the winter when the car parks are not full of visitors , maybe it’s about time the council gave something back .. to us local people

  • Tracy Sutton says:

    Wow so Widemouth Bay park ing is going up 2140% from 50p a day to £11.20 in winter How can this be justified with the poor state of the car park and toilets which were frequently not working when we visited several times in the summer We love coming to Bude but with the increasing cost of fuel, accomadation costs getting to be expensive and now it will cost nearly £80 to park I know you can buy a weekly ticket but as everyone knows guaranteeing a whole week on the beach is a long shot Think again Cornwall Council and stop ripping both the locals and tourists off

  • Elizabeth Stone says:

    What a shock! How can they justify it? We will have to go to another campsite for our holiday next year. We too found the toilets closed and complained, which was after paying for a parking ticket so that we could use the toilets and stay on the beach for the day. This was at Widemouth Bay. The council refused to give us a refund, after showing the ticket. Grabbing lot! Why can’t they give us what we are paying for? A decent service is what is expected in public places.

  • Elizabeth Stone says:

    Widemouth Bay toilets were closed when we visited the site to spend the day there and we were refused a refund when we complained. We had arrived and got a ticket and wanted to use the toilets straight away but we had to leave quickly to find the toilets in Bude. We had to buy another parking ticket for that visit. Now that the charges are going up, as reported, then we will not be going there again. Simple as that.

  • Elizabeth Stone says:

    Help! Where’s my post? I have posted on here but I don’t know if it has been accepted, no notification of it.

  • Peter La Broy says:

    I have been part of a ‘Positive Parking Review’ panel for Cornwall, at no point did we ever discuss this level of rises. The panel thought it a positive move to ‘band’ charges across car parks in Cornwall so there could be a level playing field and justifiable charging strategies (eg a shoppers car park in Bude should be around the same as Bodmin, Truro or Wadebridge). This will be debated at Economic Growth Committee on Tuesday next week, I am a member of that committee and intend to vote down proposed increases – if you have any further thoughts please let me know and I will do my best to make sure they are heard at County Hall.

    • Elizabeth Stone says:

      We live in a small town near Bristol and have visited Bude and surrounding area on holidays so we are very interested to hear about your actions and the results of the meeting on Tuesday. The most striking point of the rising charges for the carparks is the percentage rate. Prices rise with the passage of time, it’s expected to a degree, but we don’t need to be fleeced and have an advantage taken of the situation. Better to attract visitors and regular users than to deter them.

    • Phil Sutton says:

      I think if I were in the locals’ shoes I would be informing the councillors that if these charges go ahead they would all be voted out at the next council elections and be prepared to carry the threat out. This may concentrate their minds.

  • Mrs Rowland says:

    I think this may lose money rather than make money. At the moment I might put up with paying 70 p for a quick dog walk but I wouldn’t ever pay £1.40. I’ll take him elsewhere or do the whole thing on foot. Others will feel the same. If I’m on foot with a wet dog I’m unlikely to pop into shops on the way home. So money lost there.

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