Sewage pollution alerts

Bude Sea Pool has advised people not to use the pool for the next few days. This (below) was a photo I took yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile, from Surfers Against Sewage:

Pollution Alert: Storm sewage has been discharged from a sewer overflow in Widemouth within the past 48 hours.
A large sandy beach with rocky reef outcrops great for rock pooling, Widemouth Bay is a popular beach backed by low cliffs and interesting rock formations. A sewer overflow discharges 270m upstream that flows to the sea across Widemouth Bay. Bathing water quality can also be affected by other discharges from the surrounding urban area.

Sewer systems in this location are under maintenance and the water company has temporarily disabled real-time alerts.
A sandy beach resort around 450m long, Bude Summerleaze is backed by sand dunes while the River Neet runs to the sea at its southern end. There are four sewer overflows that discharge into the River Strat before crossing Bude Summerleaze to reach the sea. Other discharges from the urban catchment may also flow into the river upstream of the beach.

One swimmer has commented:

Yesterday I went in the pool.
It didn’t look as bad as this as the sea was washing over, and after having been assured that this was ‘sand foam’ and not sewage I decided to go ahead. I was not alone, at one stage there were at least 20 people in the water.One couldn’t possibly have imagined that in this day and age sewage companies were still able to do this with impunity.
It is a disgrace. Real-time alerts have been disabled in so many places it is impossible to check. Again, sewage companies can just do this without question. Many in this area have been disabled but there is no sign of any of the supposed maintenance being in progress. Government and councils must take more stringent measures to put a stop to this pollution.

Tell us your experiences/views of the recent pollution incident. Were you swimming in the sea pool? Or out in the sea? How do you feel about sewage in your sea water?



  • Alison says: I walked on Summerleaze beach this morning, 30th December; disgusting filth on beach and people in the sea. There should be warnings publicly visible on the beach to warn our visitors. How can this be allowed?

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