Scott Mann’s letter to constituents

For those who haven’t already seen it on Facebook, here is Scott Mann’s open letter to his constituents Dominic Cummings. He is adopting the government line of being able to ‘relate to people’s anger’ in Cummings going against what the public has been told is the right thing to do.

My view:

The problem remains that Cummings is a top government advisor. He is not just a bloke on the street with no influence over government policy and decision-making affecting the lives of ordinary people.

If he, a highly intelligent man, doesn’t understand the guidance he was intrinsic in creating, or interprets it as best he can, what hope for the rest of us?

If the guidance is wrong, why were we all not corrected and informed?

Unfortunately, he is not just a man breaking the guidance, he is a powerful man who knows what the guidance is, and chose to (at the time, secretly) break it while advising others to adhere to it. In some particularly distressing cases, those others missed seeing their loved ones when they were ill or dying, because they were obeying the rules.

I will now no doubt receive lots of social media vitriol as being part of a ‘biased press’ but I do not like orchestration to deceive and treating the public with contempt, which is what, in my view,  this messy affair has been.




  • P.G.Penna says:

    As I am not a constituent of Scott Mann I doubt if anyone will take any notice of me but I will write it anyway. As has been said, yes, in hindsight he did wrong but at the time of the incident he was in a panic about his family, and to protect them did what he thought was right at the time which no doubt many others of us would have done.
    Let us not lose sight of a humans instinct to protect your family, whether you are brainy or an ordinary run of the mill citizen. I know in my heart if it was one of mine I would probably do the same the protection – of your siblings must come first.

  • Kevin says:

    I do not think you should be attacked.
    For me what he did in the 1st instance of deciding to go to Durham whilst not wise I feel he could say he was doing his best for his child.
    What got me was what followed:
    I have had to take somebody to a hospital recently and there are very clear signs everywhere saying ‘do not enter’ and even stronger words ‘if you have any Covid symptoms’.

    I can’t see how somebody in NHS direct or another clinician (if Dominic called them) said he and his wife were infected and their boy was showing symptoms that they would have said “YOU” should take him to hospital.

    It then got worse after he was spotted in a beauty spot in Barnard Castle and he tried to explain that he was driving to make sure his eyesight was good enough to drive.

    If that was the case why did he also get out of the car and walk to a picnic table, was that to test if you could get out of the car at the other end or maybe in the services on the way home? Really unbelievable.

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