Scott Mann wins in Tory victory

This morning, the UK map is looking blue, as Boris Johnson’s promise to ‘Get Brexit Done’ (it will still take years) dismantled the Labour vote in the traditional heartlands, aided by the Brexit Party. Most of the south-west is very clearly blue, so farmers will have to find ways to exist without EU subsidies. Scotland is virtually all the yellow of the SNP.

Scott Mann achieved 59.4% of the votes in a resounding victory of 30,671 compared to Lib Dem’s Danny chamber achieving 15, 919 (30.8%) and Joy Bassett of Labour’s 4,516 (8.7%). This despite refusing to attend any hustings.  Turnout was 73.9% and his majority was 28.6%

Some will be jubilant, others will be dismayed. The public has spoken, and now and now gets what is apparently wanted. Nationally, at the time of writing, the Conservative Party has 363 seats compared to Labour’s 203, SNP’s 48, Lib Dem’s 11 and Greens, 1. Others such as DUP, Sinn Fein, etc., account for 22.

Your views are welcome. Let us know how you feel this morning.


  • Rebecca Pearce says:

    More than ever now is a time to practice personal philanthropy and kindness. I believe in democracy and respect the voice of the electorate even if I don’t agree with the election outcome. Time to govern our own actions and investment in our community.

  • Robert Porter says:

    Liberal Democrats winning here ?
    In your dreams!
    Scott’s the Mann.

  • John Gimson says:

    I’m 100% supportive of the comments from Rebecca Pearce about “now is a time to practice personal philanthropy and kindness” and the need for “investment in our community”.
    Average earnings for employed people in Bude is around 75% of the national level – and there are high levels of housing and child poverty locally. We need more better paid local jobs to bring increased prosperity to the area.
    Sadly, I haven’t answers – other than to nag, cajole, question, and challenge all those who have the influence and power to change things.

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