Scott Mann welcomes election to honour Brexit mandate

MP for North Cornwall, Scott Mann, says he welcomes Theresa May’s decision to hold a General Election on Thursday, 8th June, to cement the will of the British people when they voted to leave the European Union in June last year. Better hope she wins then, else some other poor soul is left to implement it.


Scott Mann said:


“The Prime Minister has announced that there is to be a General Election on June 8th. I fully understand and support her reasons for this and I can confirm that I will once again be putting my name forward to continue as the MP for North Cornwall.


“We need to be in the strongest possible position going into the Brexit negotiations. There are political parties who wish to undermine the EU Referendum result. There can be no more political game playing with Cornwall, the United Kingdom or the Brexit negotiations.


“The country will have a clear choice: Strong and confident leadership under Theresa May or chaos and uncertainty under Jeremy Corbyn propped up by Tim Farron and Nicola Sturgeon. 


“Locally, people can see for themselves my record of working for and representing the people of North Cornwall. I have dealt with 6,000 individual pieces of casework, visited almost all of the constituency’s schools, organised MP surgeries in all towns and held regular meetings with local businesses over the last two years, and I continue to fight for local housing, better broadband and more road and rail links for the people of North Cornwall.” 

I’m not sure Scott is right on this. In my view, it was the fear of Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish situation that scared many people into voting the way they did in the last election, so playing that card again seems disingenuous. But all opinions on the matter are welcome in the comments (just please keep it polite and clean!) and all politicos are welcome to join the free for all. 

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