Scott Mann sees Bodmin shuttle service as key in railway link restoration

The reversal of the railway infrastructure cuts made in the 1960s by Dr Beeching has been a subject of contention for some years. Here’s a report on this site suggesting exactly that from 2015. Well, now the Government has announced a £500 million fund to reverse some of Beeching’s cuts, some of which seems to already be allocated to railway projects in the North-East (though there is a bidding process).

No problems with the North getting some money for a change but we are also struggling for transport links here in the South-West, so I asked Scott Mann for his take on today’s announcement.

Scott Mann at 2016 meeting about Bude’s much-wanted Railway.

He said:


“Within my North Cornwall constituency there are groups in Bodmin, Launceston and Bude who working hard to restore our rail links locally, and with the rest of the country and I will continue to give them my support.

“The £500m fund presents the first step in reversing the Beeching cuts and I will be looking forward to seeing proposals for applications to the fund from our community.

“I believe that North Cornwall should consider starting with proposals for a shuttle service from Bodmin General to Parkway, and I’ll also be happy to support bids from Okehampton to ensure people in Bude and Launceston can eventually see their aspiration to be reconnected to the national rail network realised.

“The Conservative government is serious about restoring transport links, ensuring that rural regions of the country benefit from a levelling up of our economy and receive our fair share of funding.”


As I live nowhere near Bodmin (using the station would take me further into Cornwall rather than upcountry, which would be pointless and expensive) I’m keener on the Okehampton suggestion to encourage easier links for those living in Bude and Launceston. I mean, at least Bodmin has a station!


Your thoughts welcome …

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