Scott Mann pledges to vote against Theresa’s Brexit deal

As the Brexit process stuggles on, there may be trouble ahead for Theresa May. Not only are the opposition and the DUP gearing up for the crunch debate on her deal but her own MPs are also rallying against it.

StandUp4Brexit  has 58 Conservative MPs pledged to vote against Theresa May’s negotiated deal with Brussels.  Three of Cornwall’s MPs – Sheryll Murray, Steve Double and Scott Mann – are among those signatories.

Scott Mann MP said:

“#StandUp4Brexit is a grassroots campaign which seeks to deliver the Brexit that was promised by the Prime Minister in her Lancaster House speech, and by the 2017 Conservative manifesto.


“That means leaving the Single Market, Customs Union and the removal of the EU legal jurisdiction over the whole of the UK.


“Along with over fifty of my colleagues, I have been happy to pledge my support #StandUp4Brexit as I agree with their objectives in securing the Brexit which North Cornwall voted for.”

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