Scott Mann opens housing scheme at Poundstock

Scott Mann MP opens Buttercup Field alongside Neil Pendleton and Peter Moore from the CRHA and local councillor Andrew Mitchell.

Scott Mann MP opened a new local needs housing scheme at Poundstock on Friday 27th April 2018.

Neil Pendleton, Chair of Cornwall Rural Housing Association (CRHA) invited Scott Mann MP to cut a ribbon at the entrance to Buttercup Field and inspect a slate plaque to commemorate the opening.

The scheme comprises 8 homes – one 4 bedroom house, two 3 bedroom houses, three 2 bedroom houses, two 1 bedroom houses and one 2 bedroom bungalow. It has been developed by Cornwall Rural Housing Association which was established in 1985 to help address the lack of affordable housing in villages. CRHA has now completed 50 developments of affordable homes to meet local needs throughout Cornwall and on the Isles of Scilly.

Scott Mann MP meets new resident Heather Reynolds during the official opening of Buttercup Field.

The development was funded with grants of £240,000  from Cornwall Council and £401,200 from Homes England, with the balance coming from the Association’s own reserves.

Peter Moore, Chief Executive of Cornwall Rural Housing Association, commented that:

“Good quality rented housing is not only essential for people’s quality of life, it is also an economic necessity. Good housing provides jobs, increases prosperity and helps to sustain communities, particularly in rural areas.

A combination of relatively low wages and higher than average house prices means that many young people often cannot afford to live in the areas where they were born and brought up and it is hoped that small developments such as this can help sustain rural communities.”

Councillor Andrew Mitchell of Cornwall Council said that:

“Affordable housing is one of Cornwall Council’s top priorities, and we recognise that it is crucial to retaining families and young people in our rural communities. That is why we are working with partners like CRHA in Poundstock, supporting them with grant funding to build more homes for local people.”

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