Scott Mann on lockdown

This is what Scott Mann and Steve Double have said so far on lockdown2:

Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall:

I am currently looking at all the available data and will be having meetings with the Secretary of State for Health and the scientific advisors in Westminster. I have previously pushed back against national measures and called for a debate on movement within the country, to keep our local economy moving over recent months.
Asking our businesses to close again is not something I take lightly, and I will continue to press for the maximum level of support available, should a national lockdown prove necessary. I will also be asking colleagues in government to ensure a roadmap out of national lockdown and back into the tier system is set out as soon as possible, to provide clarity for employers, workers and families in North Cornwall.
Ultimately, public health must take priority and the situation has deteriorated across the country. Whilst North Cornwall’s cases are behind the rest of the UK, they are still following the same trajectory. Cornwall’s health care system has shown great resilience, but there is a danger that local NHS resources could be overwhelmed if cases continue to rise.
Making key decisions based on predictions 3 or 4 weeks ahead and weighing that up against the economic and mental health implications of a lockdown is one of the most serious things I have been asked to vote on as your MP. I wont be rushed, and will collect all the information I need to reach a view.

Steve Double MP for St Austell and Newquay (who a couple of weeks ago opposed a national lockdown) says:

These measures will be disappointing to many in Cornwall, with our continued lower than average numbers of COVID-19 cases.
However I do understand this is a step that needs to be taken as a national move in order to stop COVID-19 across the whole country.
It is clear that the government has done everything it could to avoid having to introduce new national restrictions. However, the reality of the figures showed that although we are starting from a low level, the number of cases in Cornwall was increasing at a faster rate than the rest of the country. Regrettably, we needed to act now to avoid the risk of Cornwall being in the same position as parts of the North West which were seeing hospital admissions at similar levels to that of the Spring. Particularly with our population in Cornwall being more elderly and therefore in greater danger, this was not something we could risk.
I appreciate this will be another difficult time for us all, economically, mentally, and socially. I will be doing everything I can to ensure we get the support we need.
Ahead of Wednesday’s vote I will be closely scrutinising the new measures and questioning the Prime Minister and his team to ensure that there is a clear way forward, to allow Cornwall to return to much fewer restrictions that people and businesses in our Duchy have been able to sensibly work with over the past few months.

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