Scott Mann on Bodmin Treatment Centre

Is this a sign of things to come, as Bodmin Treatment Centre for non-emergency health care is due to close within weeks?  This is what WAS on offer, according to the website:


The Bodmin Treatment Centre is a modern purpose built facility designed to provide exceptional facilities and equipment for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of conditions on a day case basis.

The treatment centre provides dedicated facilities, providing fast access to streamlined services. This ensures you are scheduled efficiently to minimise the number of visits you are required to make to the centre.

Operations offered include general surgery including endoscopy and colonoscopy and laparoscopic hernia repair, Ophthalmology including cataracts and gynaecological procedures including colposcopy, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, ENT, cosmetic dermatology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Hand surgery.

The treatment centre has an outpatient department providing a suite of consulting and examination rooms together with facilities for undertaking diagnostic tests and pre-Operative assessments.

A spacious operating theatre is equipped for undertaking a range of routine operations under general and local anaesthetic with a second theatre equipped and dedicated to endoscopy procedures.

So, not emergency surgery but fairly serious operations like hysterectomies. 


Scott Mann says:

“I’m saddened to hear that NHS Kernow and Ramsay Health Care have been unable to reach an agreement on continuing non-emergency services at Bodmin Treatment Centre.


“It’s vital that all patients are now referred to other facilities as soon as possible to ensure that they get their treatments as originally planned. My understanding is that the majority of patients who use the centre are not from Bodmin and that they can use facilities closer to home.


“Nevertheless, I know that this will be a blow for people living in Bodmin and I will be writing to the KCCG to highlight the importance of services at Bodmin Treatment Centre and ask whether they can be moved to Bodmin Hospital.


“I visited the centre only a few months ago and I witnessed a very good level of care that was being provided. I hope that this is just a short term measure and that NHS treatments can be re-introduced in the near future. I have meetings with NHS Kernow on a regular basis and I will raise any concerns with them which have been expressed to me by constituents.”




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