Scott Mann – now is the time to stay home and save lives

From Scott Mann, MP:

I have held many conversations with the Tourism Minister, local government officials and stakeholders in the constituency. We hoped that government guidance on non-essential travel would be adhered to, but it is obvious many people are visiting Cornwall despite this advice.

As a result of the seriousness and the escalation of the pandemic, I am speaking directly to all non-local people who may be considering visiting during this unprecedented crisis.

Please stay away, and do not travel to Cornwall. Now is the time to stay home and save lives.

By travelling to Cornwall, you risk spreading the virus or contracting it yourself. You can help us by staying away.

We need to support all our residents, but particularly the vulnerable in our rural area. Local clinicians and NHS staff are working hard to support residents, therefore, it is also important that I ask you to stay away to support Cornwall’s National Health Service.

If you are considering travelling, please change your plans. If you are already here and can return home safely, I would urge you to do as soon as possible.

Our pubs, restaurants and tourist attractions are closed, and Cornwall is working hard to meet our capacity for food and health for our permanent residents. We look forward to welcoming you back after the present crisis has been dealt with.

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  • Bob G says:

    Totally support Scott’s comments, not only in Cornwall, but also in Devon also.
    Vehicle number plate recognition is readily available to our Police personnel – let’s use it fully – and divert, arrest and return all vehicles entering this South West peninsula to the driver’s home address + a fine and a warning that a second attempt will result in vehicle seizure and crushing. We all need to treat this pandemic very seriously for some considerable time.

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