Scott Mann comments on Stratton Treatment Centre closure

The overnight Community Treatment Centre has been withdrawn from Stratton since January 1st. We are told that this is because of increased pressure at Treliske, where the clinician has been redeployed. Local councillors had contacted Scott Mann, MP, who said:


“Like many North Cornwall residents, I was disappointed to learn that Stratton MIU has been temporarily closed overnight for the second time in recent years.


“I immediately wrote to Phil Confue, Chief Executive of Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, to ask for clarifications regarding this temporary closure and raise my concerns about Stratton staff being used as back up for the main hospital in Treliske.


“I also plan to meet with local members of Cornwall Council to discuss this matter further, and I will relay their feedback to the Secretary of State for Health as soon as possible.


“I hope that the situation can be rectified as soon as possible, and Stratton Hospital can be used to its full potential serving the local community.”


  • Ali Lemm says:

    I’m not holding my breath. Empty promises from the Conservatives yet again I expect. If the NHS gets the money that Boris promised (as an election crowd-pleaser obviously), I will be very surprised. And as for that Matt Hancock, don’t get me started on him!

  • Ian Mason says:

    This issue was discussed at the BSTC full Council meeting this evening. It was agreed that the closure, without prior warning, even for 2 months was not acceptable. It was also suggested that people should email Scott Mann to register their concerns. I understand that there is a “standard” reply stating what he is doing but the more people that email him the more ammunition he will have. I believe his email address is

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