Scammers cashing in on community spirit

A cautionary note from Bude Police’s Facebook page … as we know, for every lovely person out there trying to help, there are scammers preying on people’s fears. The Police say:

It’s wonderful to see the community spirit alive and kicking with offers of assistance from all quarters and thanks go to all BUT please be aware, there has been an increase in reported scam, personation and doorstep crimes due to the current situation (thankfully not yet our area!)

Devon and Cornwall Police report two accidents today, one leading to a fatality

Devon and Cornwall Police

1) Cold callers offering instant doorstep COVID -19 screening tests for £10 (not possible!)
2) Offers of shopping trips where you pay upfront and don’t get the goods (don’t!)
3) Offers of odd jobs being done to gain entry into your home and stealing (be careful who you let in)

Please be aware criminals WILL take advantage of vulnerable situations like this.

If you need help call someone you TRUST and if you’re worried, contact the police on 999 if an emergency or 101 if non-urgent. Please be warned that there could be a bit of a wait at busy times.

Alternatively, and preferred is email or webchat


Have a question? Need an immediate response?

Use: WebChat! WebChat is an online service where you can talk directly to our contact centre staff; just the same as calling us. WebChat allows you to ask us a question or receive updates on existing crime reports, all at your own convenience. Simply visit and click on the WebChat icon to begin chatting to a member of our call centre staff.

Why call when you don’t have to?

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