Scam alert

Thanks to Lucille Opie for sending in this alert from Devon & Cornwall Police:

One scam is the automated scam message, claiming to be from the residents internet/telephone line provider warning that the telephone contract or internet service will be cancelled and instructs the resident to press 1. This is not a genuine call and you SHOULD NOT press any keys. If you are concerned about your service, hang up, make sure that there is a dialling tone and call the published number for your service provider.

Reports have also come in of the scam involving a cold caller phoning stating that they are from a well known software company telling the resident that they are at risk of a computer security threat or similar.
They tell the resident that they can help repair the problem and deceive residents into following their instructions which range from taking control of their computer or downloading software in an attempt to access personal details or online banking.

Please hang up on any similar calls, do not give out any personal information and do not follow instructions from cold callers.
If you have any concerns please email or phone 101.

Information on scams can be found on the Action Fraud website
Please make others aware of this, especially elderly or vulnerable.

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