Saving Stratton MIU update

From the Saving Stratton MIU Facebook page where Steve Haynes reported from Truro:

Two of us went to Truro to attend Cornwall Council’s Health Scrutiny Committee, to ask questions and listen to Health Officials explain the position with Stratton MIU. It was a long and complex feedback, but these are the main points:

– They are hoping to reopen the overnight service temporarily over the summer.
– They are ‘actively’ hoping to recruit ready-trained nurses to operate the service.
– They are hoping to find solutions across their workforce to fulfilling their contractual obligations to provide a 24 hr service at Stratton.
– They acknowledge that they have an untrained person employed, but that they have met the training window at the University of Plymouth, so they can only enrol in April 2020 on a six-month course – which means that we could get to October 2020 before Stratton MIU is properly re-opened overnight!
– Councillors challenged them about just how long ‘temporary closure’ had to be before it became a ‘substantial change of service’.
– Councillors also challenged the bland ‘average’ ambulance times statistics, which do not reflect real experience here.

At this point, it is worth reminding ourselves what our two key demands are:

•Re-open Stratton MIU overnight services as a doctor-led 24/7 hospital.
•Upgrade Stratton Hospital to an Urgent Treatment Centre.

Meanwhile, Cornwall Live has reported that staff have left for a variety of causes “vulnerability at night”. To be fair, anyone working in such a position at night would have a security presence so if that is a key reason, then maybe a night-time security guard is needed.


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  • Patricia Richens says:

    Thanks for going all that way to put our case, Steve Haynes! Time we all got a bit more vocal and demanding? Doesn’t seem quite fair that the MIU should open overnight during the tourist season but not for residents over the winter months.

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