Save St Petroc’s – parents set up group

On Friday 5th June parents at St Petroc’s school received a letter (or saw a post on Facebook) stating that Key Stage 2 education (ages 7 – 11) would no longer continue at the school from January 2021.

Nick Buckland, chair of trustees has commented that: “no one wanted to get to this position, but the reality of pupil numbers and the financial impact of low numbers leaves no alternative.”

Meanwhile, Nick Swan says:

As parents, within 4 days, we have approached him with a number of cost-saving measures, and ways to increase revenue – there are credible alternatives.

At nursery level and Key Stage 1 the school is thriving, with strong numbers booked to start reception this September and for 2021. This will feed through to KS2, and starts to happen next term when 10+ children from year 2 move up to year 3.

The parents feel this is the first step to closing the entire school – to allow the site to be developed into housing. All trustees involved with this decision are also trustees/governors at Shebbear College and we feel they are trying to benefit Shebbear by closing a healthy and thriving school.

We have started this group to get current St Petroc families involved with the school and nursery, and Old Petrocians together, so we can see how we can keep Key Stage 2 continued past January 2021 and sure up the future of the school long term.

Please invite everyone to this group who wants to help save St Petrocs!

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