Sainsbury’s wants a number plate recognition camera

Updated from Sainsbury’s:

We have withdrawn our application while we review it, and will be resubmitting a revised application in the near future.

Sainsbury’s in Bude has applied for planning permission for a car park number recognition system installation.  You may think this is not a problem, but there are so far 8 objections listed. Why?

Well, the biggest problem relates to Atlantic Rise residents and their visitors. To reach Atlantic Rise’s car park, you have to drive through Sainsbury’s, so would thus be picked up by the number recognition system. Furthermore, the 1985 document I’ve had sight of suggests there is an agreement in place between the land owners from 1985 that should prevent this. The agreement appears to allow the passage and parking of all visitors to Atlantic Rise (the old Headland Club), and it also appears to me that some of the Sainsbury’s car park belongs to Pegasus (the old Headland Club) in perpetuity. If so, can Sainsbury’s legally enforce their parking restrictions at all? Potentially a legal minefield.


Various objections to the general includee includes this one from a Miss Swayne:

The planning application sitemap is not up to date with development which is over 2 years old. Atlantic Rise, an apartment block with 28 apartments, is not shown on the plan. Atlantic Rise has direct access over the land and residents, visitors, tradesmen and health care personnel are constantly using this right of access, staying over 90 minutes and returning within two hours. There is no mention of Atlantic Rise on the application which records that no neighbouring properties are affected.

I understand that Pegasus Life, the company who developed Atlantic Rise, own a section of the land used by Sainsbury’s for their car park. Pegasus Life is not mentioned on the application. Some of the proposed notices are on Pegasus Life’s land. Have they been informed?

For these reasons, I feel that the application has not been thought through and should, therefore, be withdrawn.

Chris Raven adds: We have a legal right of way along the road concerned, so our cars, our visitors’ cars, any delivery vehicles, etc driving to our car park will constantly be monitored and fined. This is totally unacceptable.

The application states that the reason for installing this system is to “ensure that the car park is not used for parking by those not using the store”. There are many regular users of the adjacent public amenity land, and the camera scheme will not be able to detect whether they have visited the store whilst parked. Therefore the scheme is not fit for the purpose stated.

Other objections run on a similar theme, with a few legal questions also raised.

Most people are well aware of the 90-minute limit at Sainsbury’s, and that you are supposed to be a customer. Usually, at times of high demand, there is someone who checks parking. At times of low demand, I have to question whether it much matters. However, there seems to be a very real problem for those living in, visiting or doing work at Atlantic Rise. How big a problem does Sainsbury’s have with parking? I’ve never actually failed to park there when shopping.




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