Royal Oke goes to Oxford and Stratford

Both great cities packed with history and culture, it was wonderful to see the Royal Oke changing track and heading off to the Midlands at the weekend.

On Saturday, the train left Okehampton to show that trains really could have a viable future here in our piece of Devon/Cornwall. I rather fancied this and had I not returned from Liverpool only the day before (7 hours), I’d have definitely taken the trip. Feedback on the CONNECT BUDE Facebook page was really positive, and it sounds like people had a brilliant day out. Bus transport from Bude to Okehampton was provided but I’d still love, one day, to see trains come closer to Bude, so it’s great to see this group campaigning for exactly that.

I love train travel; having been to Liverpool last week, I’m off to Llandudno next. It’s always my refrain but how much simpler and better it would be if I didn’t have to drive to Tiverton first. If I miss anything about the north and Midlands, that is it – trains accessible and available to all to readily and pleasantly transport people around the country. Please support this group, like their page and check out their website to make our travel infrastructure something Bude and area can be proud of.



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