Royal Naval Association September meeting

By Binzy Reynolds:

Following a lengthy stand-easy of six months, twenty-five members of the Branch met at the Falcon Hotel as part of the Falcon’s experiment to facilitate group meetings, due to the easing of lockdown restrictions. During lockdown the Branch acquired two new members, John Andrews and Ed Froude. Overall Branch membership now stands at fifty-one.

After the traditional silence, various committee members made their reports. The Branch’s finances are sound, although strict guidance has been received limiting charitable donations. A huge amount of correspondence had accumulated through lockdown and the secretary did his best not to bore everyone, keeping it to a minimum by careful editing.

Numerous items have been left to the Branch by Peter Sheppard which can be auctioned to assist with fundraising.

Central Office is now offering Life Membership to WW2 veterans with over ten years Branch membership. Alan Litchfield was delighted to accept this kind offer.

A whip-round resulted in a fine bottle of port being presented to Tanky Williams in recognition of thirty years of service as Bude RNA’s Standard Bearer. Contrary to Branch rules, this bottle of port somehow managed to leave the building unopened.

With the new restrictions implemented from this Monday, all meetings are suspended until further notice. Sadly, our Trafalgar Night celebrations and Christmas lunch have also been cancelled. At present, the Branch is seeking guidance on the annual Remembrance Day parade and Armistice Day attendance.

In the meantime, should you wish to join us as either a full member, (serving or ex-RN/RM), or as an associate member, (serving or ex-Army, RAF or civilian), please contact the Hon. Secretary via: and you will be made most welcome. Oh, and don’t forget your sense of humour!

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