Royal Naval Association Bude – update

By Bob Gelder:

At long last, after the Covid enforced Maintenance Period, the Branch emerged from “Dry Dock” on 1st Sept @ our Home Port of The Falcon Hotel, Bude.

A very healthy attendance included several of our new Branch Members alongside with the tried and trusted.

The Chairman, Steve, eventually got his hands on the gavel in his inauguration as Chair since his quiet February election.

Having opened the Meeting, his first act was to award Life Membership of R.N.A. to S/m Alan Litchfield who, as ex WW2 Royal Marine also qualified by having continuously been a Branch Member for 10 yrs or more.   Alan received a framed certificate to authenticate the fact.    The Chair then went on to list the 19 new members to the Branch following a little encouragement and recruitment during lockdown. (But we can still find spare chairs!)

“Minutes” of our previous meeting were one year old tonight but, despite wracking grey cells, were signed as correct.
One item arising was the Branch decision to adopt the same principle as National fees, and to make them voluntary (payable to Hon. Treas.) @ £5 p.a.   Agreed virtually unanimously.
The Treasurer’s Report was brief with little activity over the past year – financial position was healthy.
Correspondence had nevertheless built up and with apologies tendered for the volume, the salient points were:   subject to Branch agreement, that the annual trophies be carried forward to 2022;  various letters of appreciation had been received re Christmas Widows’ Vouchers (2020);  a reply from HM The Queen following our condolences tendered on the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; Christmas cards (2020).   For those present, Membership cards & Membership sheet and donation forms distributed.
Branch Annual Returns for 2020 had been submitted (Bude Branch were the first to submit in Area 4).   S/m Alan Bicker had been invited and nominated as Vice Chairman, subject to Branch approval.   Area 4 had acquired a new NCM and his predecessor, Arthur Gutteridge was able to fill in a lot of the detail regarding circumstances and confirmed that 40 Members had resigned from Plymouth Branch in protest at the new Plymouth Chairman’s actions.  11 of those had re-signed (via HQ) to Bude Branch.
Two vacancies pending:   Welfare Secretary and that of Asst. Social.   Volunteers welcome!
The schedule of Branch Meetings for 2021/2022 had been distributed via email, with a few minor adjustments due to Falcon Hotel diary commitments.
Membership was looking extremely healthy with currently 68 on roll.   Alan Litchfield departed the Meeting clutching two Application forms for prospective new members and several raffle prizes!.
Socially, due to absence on the night, responsibility for Trafalgar Night Dinner would fall to Hon. Treasurer Chris and Rum Bos’n Tanky.   Copies of the Menu were distributed to each table with cost to follow.   Bookings to be made via Chris i.d.c. complete with menu options.   We also hope to welcome a Guest Speaker in November with a bit of sea time to her credit, as a Tour Guide!
Volunteers for October Raffle prizes are:    S/ms Dave Mayor, Chris Menlove-Platt, Martyn Pennington, Geoff Philp, Chunky Philp + voluntary contributions.
Following the Loyal Toast, the Raffle & Auction were both strongly supported.

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