Route 39 spending remains ‘commercially sensitive’

A number of residents in Torridge have contacted their MP to seek information about the cost of the Route 39 Academy being built alongside the A39 at Bucks Cross. Lord Agnew, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the School System, told MP, Geoffrey Cox, that capital works are not complete and that overall final costs of the project have still not been released. His letter states:

Although the Academy is due to be completed in August, further changes may be necessary. This means that total capital costs may not be released until after the August completion date. These costs are considered commercially sensitive until all works have been tendered and completed.

When finalised, they will be available at

Geoffrey Cox explained his stance on Route 39, saying:

It is fair to say that it is presently operating in temporary accommodation that is not suitable for larger numbers and (that) may well have contributed to discouraging pupil applications. It has also made the everyday management and operation of the school more difficult. This is likely to be resolved once the new buildings are complete. I truly believe our focus now must be on the welfare of the children who are attending the school and I will, of course, continue to do my best to see that this is not compromised.

Careful words, though the school truly is in the middle of nowhere which may have also accounted for poor numbers. The mystery of the full cost continues.



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