Rosie’s Kitchen – when criticism gets out of hand …

Sorry, I saw this earlier but a bit behind, timewise. However, I felt this needed a mention here on B & B. This comes from Rosie’s Cafe, and it saddened me that someone felt a need for an official complaint without even contacting the owners and discussing it first. Just speak to each other, people, rather than hiding behind anonymity. If you won’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it at all.

We can be a bit quick to criticise others who are trying to innovate and do their best for their community, their customers and also, rightly, their business/staff, but please think before mouthing those harsh words and creating problems for people just doing their best in trying times. We need to be spreading social solidarity at the moment, not negativity and criticism.

Incidentally,  I don’t sit on public benches – I’d much rather have one that is cleaned!

Here’s what was on their Facebook page:

Unfortunately we have been told that we must take away all of our outside seating until further notice from Cornwall Council or face prosecution.

We offered a safe haven, to enjoy the weather, a couple of beers and a bite to eat to try and bring a bit of normality back to this situation we find ourselves in. Unfortunately, someone has made a complaint to the Council, so we have had to take away the seating to avoid any legal action. Ironically, you are legally able to sit on the unattended Council benches overlooking the beach or sit on the wall (that don’t get cleaned at all, unlike our benches )

We are hoping that in the coming weeks this will all be meaningless as there is talk of allowing beer gardens in pubs and relaxing the legislation once more.

We will still be operating to whatever capacity we can, but cannot provide seating on our premises. Hopefully, people will still come down and enjoy what we have to offer whilst sitting elsewhere. Much to our dismay.

Please, in the future if anyone has a problem or feels unsafe with what we do at the cafe, we are just trying to operate a family-run business and support our town, Offering people an option to feel normal again, help with mental and physical health in this unprecedented time. Please come to us directly with your concerns instead of trying to force legal action upon us, and we will do whatever we can.

I hope this is over soon and we can get on with our lives and people will once more try and be nice instead of finding fault with what everyone else is doing.

Good luck to Rosie’s for the future.

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